The journey begins


So the book project journey has begun, even though my Kickstarter project didn’t go through.

I arrived into Tokyo at 4:30am which is an interesting experience.  I slept some on the plane, like I would have if it had been a late work session (about 5-6 hours) but my body definitely knows that I lost a day.  I am tired but not tired, does that make sense? It’s different than the other times when I have arrived in the late afternoon. This is the better way to go for sure. I imagine though that I’ll sleep well tonight but be up before the sun rises.

It was dark when we landed and deplaned but by the time I got through customs and immigration, the sun had risen. A short ride on the Tokyo Monorail with a connection onto the Yamanote Line and I landed at Tokyo Station where I stored my suitcase in a locker and ventured out to get some breakfast. In this case a nice light sushi breakfast at Tsukiji.  It may be packed with tourists, but there sure is great sushi there.  The place I wandered into was empty as it had just opened.  I had a great meal, chatting as best I could with the chef.  Turns out he had lived in New York 15 years ago so between my bad Japanese and his great English, we had a nice time.  I will surely be back there one more time when I return to Tokyo later next week.

I had a slight bump in my plans this morning in that I had to retrieve my mobile router from an usual place, at least for me, the Four Seasons Hotel in Marunouchi, next to Tokyo Station.  It was supposed to be waiting for me at Haneda Airport but, things happen, and this was the easiest solution due to it’s proximity to the station.  The hotel staff were a bit confused as to why it had been sent to them since I wasn’t going to be a guest of theirs, but some convincing that I was supposed to be a guest but had to change my plans after the router had been sent did the trick and they graciously accepted the shipment and did their best to make sure that I was as happy as I could be with their service.  I felt a little bit guilty for inconveniencing them but it’s all water under the bridge now.

So now I am on the Shinkansen, heading south to spend some time with the wonderful family that hosted me 20 years ago this summer as a high school exchange student. Pictures will be coming as well as written updates so stay tuned.

I’ve go to go, my station is next!

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