Nishiki Market, Kyoto (part 2)

So, with my newly bought tea stashed in my camera bag, I continued on.

This house was just outside the market on a side street. I love the shape and pattern of the woman’s umbrella against the verticals in the house.

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Nishiki Market, Kyoto (part 1)


It was raining today, and raining hard. The typhoon that had been working it’s way closer to Japan since I arrived was finally catching up to me. Today was also the day to leave Kyoto and head back to Tokyo. That being the case, it left me only a short amount of time to do anything before I had to catch my train out of town. I decided my plan then would be to just head to the Nishiki Market (near where I went the night before) to do some photography and buy some tea from a local shop in the market named Mr. Yamada and Tea (茶やまどしや/cha yamadashiya). I bought tea from them last time I was in Kyoto and it was fantastic! Continue reading “Nishiki Market, Kyoto (part 1)”