Northern Kyoto: Kurama and Kibune (part 1)

The beds in the Hotel Granvia are very comfortable and I slept very well. Maybe too well.  I had set my alarm to wake me by 7am but I guess I just shut it off in my sleep. I was surprised when I woke up and realized it was after 9am, since every morning prior to this, I woke up easily before 6am. I was now feeling a bit rushed as the day began and it was already looking pretty hot, and like it might rain at some point.

I fell asleep the night before as the computer was downloading that days photos. I wish I hadn’t fallen asleep like that though since I still needed to get some work done which now added to my rushed feeling.  So, I pulled out some yogurt, opened up the “Frosties” ( Frosted Flakes), and started writing.  Not too long after I started, my iPhone rang, it was my wife and daughter wanting to FaceTime.

We a had a great time talking and before I knew it, it was almost noon.  The clock was ticking now- I had to hurry to get out of the room and get the day’s adventure underway. In addition to just getting dressed, I needed to send some clothes down to be cleaned and just made the collection deadline to get them back that evening. I jumped in and out of the shower got out of the room as fast as I could. I decided to head the northern area of Kyoto, into the mountains to an area called Kurama.

I was hungry again since my breakfast was pretty light, so before I caught my train, I ran down to the basement of the Isetan department store that’s part of the massive JR Kyoto Station.  I made my way down to the Andersen Bakery and grabbed a couple things then headed back out to the station entrance. (Side note: I am, unfortunately, unable to resist these bakeries.  Their power over me is great.  It is good we do not have them in America.)

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